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Discipleship based podcast featuring Michael Lowe with occasional special guests.  Current Topic: The Fundamentals of Christianity.


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The core of the new Vectored Media, the video teaching of the Fundamentals of Christianity and many other topics are discussed.


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Unlike many blogs this blog functions as a additional feature to the podcasts and videos providing references, notes and study materials.


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Who We Are


Hello, my name is Michael, and with my wife Miranda we make up the current Vectored Media.  It has been a long journey to get here.  Starting in late 2009 as a small Sunday School class, I never thought the Vectored Ministries would do as much for young adults as it has.  Ten years later, my wife and I have seen lives changed, lives saved and most importantly, lives lived in the service of Jesus Christ.  It has been a ride.


Over the last couple of years, Vectored has been laying low as my wife and I have been dealing with physical, emotional and spiritual pain.  We were at the point of asking whether or not we wanted to be a part of the church anymore.  My wife and I didn’t want to walk away from our faith but we had gotten to a place where we could not handle the politics of the church.


In 2016, a wise and loving pastor that I had formed a good relationship with asked me over lunch if I would consider coming to his church.  I told him I would talk to my wife and that was the end of the conversation.  Slowly over the next six months that pastor brought us back into the church and had somehow gotten me back into teaching Sunday School.


Fast forward to 2019, I have been teaching Christian fundamentals in that Sunday School for two years.  I am excited to bring the very teachings that brought me back to Christianity and the Church through Vectored Media.


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We are always looking for others that share our vision.  If you would like to support us financially we encourage you to become a Vectored Partner.  Email us today for more info.


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