Goodbye Alaska

Goodbye Alaska

So I am sitting here in Haines Junction almost twelve years after I came through this town heading to Alaska. When my wife and I first received orders from the Air Force to move from Arizona to Alaska we were overjoyed. We had felt for a few months that God was calling us to America’s Last Frontier and as we drove through the small town of Haines Junction we were excited about what was lying before us. We joke now that we were entering the Promise Land and the music was playing, the shouts were going up to heaven and all was right with the world until we hit the walls of Jericho.

Fast forward almost 12 years and once again we are following God’s will but in a very different way. When we left AZ we felt ready and excited to go into the ministry that God had waiting for us but this time we are not only ready and willing but also we know we are doing this in the blind. We have no idea what God has in store for us nor where we ultimately will go on this great journey God has laid before us. God said, ” Leave Fairbanks and head to Missouri”. Okay check, first step taken, we are out of the boat, now what?

Alaska really gave us a chance to learn and do ministry. Watch young people grow and go on to do great things for the Lord. Alaska also taught us some hard lessons, left a few scars, and gave us some much needed perspective to be able to move forward. We are stronger and in some ways smarter than that young couple that came through here all those years ago. As I stand here on the corner, I can almost see that old truck turn the corner and head to Alaska, I do not stop them, I only wish them God speed. Every one of those years on the other side of that road will forever be a treasured memory and will never be forgotten.

A Step into the Future

The beginning of the road is always the hardest. You come to a crossroads, look down both ways, check your map, think and then turn to start walking down the new road hoping that you made the right choice. In those first steps you have mini arguments within yourself, going back and forth about the decision you just made. A couple times you look back at the other road and wonder what might have been but you keep moving forward down this new road until the crossroads is nothing but a distant memory.

This new road is where I am right now.

Last week I launched the new Vectored Media Ministry and I have been arguing with myself all week. I know this is where God wants me to be and I know this is the future for Vectored but I still struggle. To get through the struggle I am studying to produce new content. My next video is on the history and reasons for having stated fundamentals of Christianity. Stay tuned…

Vectored Media Relaunch

Vectored Media, formally Vectored Young Adult Ministries, is launching as a new internet ministry centered on the mission that Vectored has always been centered on:

Vectored is dedicated to helping people find their direction and magnitude through the saving power of Jesus Christ and truth centered discipleship.

Stay tuned because a new video introducing the new Vectored Media will be launching this Sunday.